: backstory :

The second coming is over, however something went horribly wrong. The people of the world that are left are under the iron fist of a timeless emperor named Urizon. Through a combination of mysticism and technology, he has ruled the world now for countless ages and none dare oppose him, save a few. The resistance is small, but powerful. Among their ranks exist a group known as the Thrones. They are Urizon’s failed experiments of power and control, left forgotten in the gutters of a shattered civilization. Part human and part machine, they have rallied in the broken sewers of the decaying cities.

A side-effect to their cybernetic implants is a secret communications radio frequency that they can use as a type of telepathy. They have named this frequency, x2k, and the invisible web of communication it provides is simply called the network. Because of this ability they are the eyes and ears of the rebellion, and possibly the key of Urizon’s downfall.

: overview :

So what is fx2k.net really? Well, long story short, consider it the ramblings of a 30-something IT tech that goes by John A. around here. The concept of frequency: x2k, the network (fx2k for short) came from an idea for a series of short stories I had, and really, really liked. Oddly enough, the name frequency: x2k, the network came AFTER I already had the site fx2k.net.

So where did fx2k.net come from? Essentially, the beginning of the new millennium brought not only worries of the Y2k bug, ideas of water-powered cars and online investing, but also the now classic idea of the internet business. Mine was called FX 2000 (come on, everyone was adding 2000 to everything back then). It was a simple web design business (FX=effects, like web site effects. Get it?). Needless to say, it went the way of the majority of other internet businesses. Hey, I was 18 and needed some cash, worth a shot right?

Well here it is, 2008, and I still have this wonderful site, and might as well do something with it. So I created fx2k, the network. Here I will post anything and everything I want. From fiction, poetry, and even useful web tips, home-made comics and whatever else I can waste your time with!

You may also notice the name FalconX2 around the site. What is FalconX2 you might ask? Well it is me. I am an old IRC junkie, and back then IRCnet required an 8 character max, so Millennium Falcon wasn’t an option. However, the Falcon is my favorite animal, X is a letter of mystery, and 2 starts the new millennium (2000). So rather than the generic zerocool nick, I went with FalconX2. From this, actually sprouted my most played Dungeons & Dragons character, Falcon Xavier II. So if you see any reference thereof, it is most likely in relation to me.

So where in all this mess do you really learn anything about me? Well, you don’t. There isn’t much reason for me to post a whole lot about my personal self when we have wonderful social networking sites such as Facebook. Besides, what can be said about me other than perfection! 😉 But I digress! On with the show!

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The easiest way to contact me personally will be via Twitter.

You can also use the comment option on any post where available on the site.

If you need to contact anyone about the technical aspects of this page, please send an email to: webmaster@fx2k.net.

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Yes, I have a privacy policy, it seems only right since the site does use various methods of recording information when you visit this site.

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