The $250,000 Pyramid

Well, a lot has happened in the last two months. I’ve not said anything about it, for the primary reason of the fact anyone can just turn on a TV for 10 seconds and see everything that is going on. I don’t see a very big reason to repeat any of it.

However, there is one thing that has been bothering me that I have not seen addressed yet, Joe the Plumber and taxes. Believe me, I know Joe has been talked into the ground. By this point we know what his shoe size is. But the latest news about him has really struck a chord with me.

What is the problem you ask? Let me explain.

I don’t mean anything harsh or hateful to Mr. the Plumber, however I the fault in this reasoning bugs the Hell out of me. Before the election, one of the biggest issues was rasing taxes on anyone who makes $250,000 a year or more. This argument against being that when people who own business that have earnings above the $250,000 line will not want to grow their business, hire new employees, etc because they now have to pay more taxes. The most bizarre thing about this reasoning is that it completely contradicts the principle of supply and demand. No longer does demand dictate supply, but taxes. A business will not longer want to increase its supply to the public because it will cost an extra 3%, regardless of the fact the increased sales will mean a net gain. This also means that no businesses must have expanded during the Clinton era when they were already paying the higher tax rate.

By this same reasoning it means that anyone below the $250,000 will want to withhold themselves from crossing that mark as the extra 3% will cost them to much. So what does this have to do with Joe?

He just signed a book deal.

A $250,000 book deal.

His tax bracket just jumped over the $250,000 mark.

This means he made the very decision that he said people would refuse to make because of how much it would “cost.”

I don’t mean anything harsh against Mr. Wurzelbacher. Lord knows he has been through the ringer and deserves a little something like a book deal out of all of this, but I just wish people would keep some sense of consistancy in ideals.

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