Be patient…

It has been a while since I have written. This is primarily because of several personal losses my family and I have had to endure the last couple of months, but with the economy in the state that it is in and the election upon us, I thought it was time to weigh in.

With the billion dollar bail-out passed to save the economy, and the stock market drops still falling, President Bush advises us to just “be patient”. But of course, these things take time.

As we give the bail-out time to work, a single working father in a rural town comes home from a 14+ hour shift at the factory (yes we still have them in America) and doesn’t eat. Not because he is to exhausted, but because if he eats, his children do not. He’s being patient.

As we wait for the market to be repaired, a lonely wife sits at home worried about her husband who was deployed to Iraq. He’s not in the army just because he loves his country, but because he couldn’t find a civilian job. The military is only way they could get insurance to cover their many ailments. They are being patient.

As we watch the time fly off the clock and days pass on the calendar, each day waiting to see if this is the day patience pays off, I am glad my wife’s grandmother doesn’t  have to be patient any more. I am glad my uncle doesn’t have to be patient any more. We are in such a situation that I am glad my wife’s grandmother doesn’t have to worry about her $600 a month fixed income getting cut. I am glad my uncle doesn’t have to worry where the money for his next chemo or radiation session will come from. They are no longer with us. They don’t have to be patient, but others do, and they are in much worse conditions.

However you vote, whoever you vote for, please vote to keep this from happening again. For the last eight years we have had to watch everything around us deteriorate while we tried to “save the world”, please help to keep it from fading away completely.

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