Rest in peace sweet Druid.

Hooray Diablo 3!

Boo “Our approach for classes in ‘Diablo III’ is that we don’t have a strong desire to bring back classes from the previous game”!

With the return of the Diablo franchise, everyone is becoming nostalgic. It’s only natural. People are reloading Diablo 2, or going out to buy Titan Quest so they can get their 2D hack-n-slash fix. Unfortunately this nostalgia also creates great worry and woe as we wonder what all the Diablo 3 classes will be. Of course, we all want our favorites back, and with the inclusion of the Barbarian, it gives hope, but when fans of the Necromancer get a Witch Doctor instead, a little piece of us dies on the inside.

As for me, my favorite was the Druid (as you would know if you knew anything about me). However, since this was definantly not a fan-favorite (mixed reaction at best among Diablo fans), I certainly don’t see him coming back. It’s a damn shame too, because he was everything I wanted in a Druid, tough roots (no pun intended) since he came from the Barbarians, he had a werewolf ability that actually made a bi-pedal wolf, and he could command an army of wolves!. Nothing made me happier than seeing my massive werewolf surrounded by his precious pack!

But alas, it is not meant to be. In a recent interview over at MTV one of the Diablo 3 designers went over the reasons for the changes in the Necromancer, as well as the class choices in general. As per the usual, there are “hints” or as I like to call it, “fan-boy sedation”, of older classes returning, but it has been my experiance this is as far as it ever goes. They gives statements about the “possibilities”, which is really just quelling the masses because they know they will still sell out just on the shear hopes everyone will get what they want as long as they keep the (already improable) possibility out there.

This was to be expected though. Knowing the lack of Druid support, I figured even if they did bring back all the old characters, he would be the only one left out. Regardless, the one thing that irks me the most about the interview is the statement, “It’s one of those things where, unless we put like 30 classes in the game, people are going to be unhappy. But if we put 30 classes in the game, we’d hurt the game.” Which translate into “We just don’t want to program that”.

Hell, it’s the “30 classes” or rather 36, that makes me love Titan Quest so much. But I suppose that having that many classes is what prevented it from being an award-winning best seller… Oh wait.

And then, what confuses me the most is they say they don’t have a “strong desire” to bring back original classes, yet he also says, “There’s a lot of people on our team who aren’t happy with our class choices”. Unless it is really just another meaningless sedation statement through a sorry attempt at relating with the fans.

Hooray for quelling the masses!

Boo consistancy in our statements!

In all fairness, we are still in the extremely early stages of the game, and we don’t even know how good the game really is. After all, they may decide they didn’t even like the original gameplay of the other games, and decide to just scrap a graphical interface and make it a 1980’s MUD!

Ok, seriously, that was mean… But we really don’t know what the future holds, so all we can do is enjoy the ride.

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