The Real McCain

I can’t say how much I love the Stumble! Button. While stumbling I came across this little gem. I am usually not fond of these kinds of videos, as they can take phrases out of context, but I think this one has a couple of good points.

First, McCain is trying promote himself as a “straight-talker” and if this is the case, it seems to me he would base most of his public speech on simple, straight-forward facts. However, in this video we see that what should be his straight-forward facts are often contradicted. This shows he is promoting a facade as his public face, making him untrustworthy for me.

Second, in at least two scenes that I noticed, it proves that he remains uninformed on very important subjects. If you assume the wrong people are building militant power to oppose you… Well, I think we all know what happens… *cough*Iraq*cough*

View The Real McCain Video

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