The Golden Talon

This is the origin of the Grove of the Golden Talon as well as the Clan of the Golden Talon, the druid clan that lives within the grove.

When the Nameless One was separated from the Chaos, a great balance was drawn between light and darkness. Inside the Balance was born a universe of it’s own, not of structure, but of abstract, knowledge, and energy. In this universe, form was formless and construction and destruction were not opposites.

The Nameless One felt the energy coming from the Balance and began to observe it for many ages. Within this universe, the Nameless One saw promise and decided to begin molding it’s energies into her own images. However, no solid came from these sculptures, instead was born the Magics, which were separated from the Balance. These Magics were special living energies that could be summoned, and used to control the physical world.

The Chaos was impressed by the Magics and decided to create his own from the Balance. Yet, when he tried to sculpt the energies they only faded away. The Chaos became jealous of the Magics and the Nameless One’s abilities. The Chaos then tried to destroy the Balance and the Magics and reform light and darkness back into one entity.

The great battle that ensued created all the planes of all the worlds and life began to grow from them. The Nameless One created a great golden bird to protect the Balance by weaving it in between all the new planes and worlds to help it evade from the Chaos. When the Chaos eventually caught the Balance, the bird began to claw at the Chaos creating wounds and scars. From these wounds sprang forth demons that spread to all the worlds of all the universes.

On one world, a powerful demon landed and demanded immediate control of all life. Many of the people bowed down to the demon, believing it to be a god, however, one elven man refused to be commanded by anything not of the natural order and gathered an army of his family and friends to face the demon.

The Nameless One sensed the inspiring courage in the lone man as he faced the demon and knew it would be a hopeless battle. In desperation, The Nameless One had the golden bird cut off one of it’s talons and imbued the man with it’s power. From the talon’s power the man turned into great dragon and dueled the demon, eventually defeating it and driving it from their world.

After the demon had fled, the Nameless One was willing to grant the courageous man anything that he wished. The man only wanted one thing, safety for his family, and his friends’ families. The Nameless One agreed and took the power of the talon from the man to give it back to the golden bird. Inside of the talon the Nameless One created a grove and placed all of the man’s family, and all of his friends’ families in it to live for all eternity. At any time the people would be allowed to leave the grove and travel to any world at any time, however there would be great difficulty to return. This was to prevent enemies from easily invading.

The man was very grateful and swore that at any time, during any age of time, his descendants will become protectors of the Balance if it were ever to come into jeopardy again.

-Summerized Excerpt from the Book of Lore of the Clan of the Golden Talon

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