Wrestling with negativity

So in the vein of trying to be less negative this year, I decided to write about something that I really enjoy. Professional Wrestling.

Ok, ok. I can hear the unified groans of the non-wrestling fans now. But hear me out.

Picture it: Two gladiators. For weeks, they have met in head to head combat. Each time, one upping the other by just a hair. The suspense of the winner always keeping the audience with baited breath. Now, though, the battle has come to a head. It has culminated to this one final match with a gladiatorial championship on the line. Except they do not battle with just punches and kicks. The fight is a dance. A dance where each move is determined on the fly in accordance to the audiences reaction. True improvised movement. And the danger is not always in the damage the opponent is trying to inflict, but in the damage that might be caused if a move is mishandled or performed incorrectly like an ice dancer who’s partner does not hold them correctly and they land poorly on the ice.

This is how I view professional wrestling. It is something that I can remember growing up watching with my dad every Saturday and Sunday on the recap shows. Trying to turn our large analog TV antenna that rested against the house, just so that we can get a picture without so much fuzz and static.

It is something that I get to enjoy now talking to my dad about when we see each other, and something I get to watch with my son and we enjoy.

Now I know, there have been a lot of problems with professional wrestling in the past. Wrestlers doing illicit drugs and steroids. A less than favorable view of women. But a lot of those issues are handled quite well in today’s wrestling world. But that is a discussion for another time. For now, I just wanted to express what it is I love about wrestling, and share that enjoyment with someone who might read this.

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