Just say no to negativity

So another year has passed by. And it has been another year I never really posted on my blog like I want to. Well, part of my resolution this year is to try to change that. As well as I want to be a less negative person.

At the end of the year I did one of those little “What words did you most use this year” quizzes on Facebook. I was both surprised and disappointed. I’m not sure why, I had the same thing happen to me before. The quiz did come back saying that my most used word was my wife’s name. So that made me smile. But after that, almost all my commonly used words were subjects that I don’t like.

You see, I like to argue on Facebook. Other people say it is debating, but I call it what it is. I argue. I like to think in some sick way it makes everyone better, but that is a blog for another day. The fact is, regardless of the reason why I do it, it means I am focusing on so much negativity that it is permeating the majority of my social media posts. That can’t be good.

This year has also been a record for me in amount of depression and anxiety. I have had to go to a therapist much more often than before. I don’t know of it is related to how much negativity I seem to focus on, but it surely can’t help.

Interesting in what is supposed to be a fun little Facebook quiz turned into such an eye-opener.

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