Hrumph Drumpf

A relative of mine posted her support for a candidate that “speaks their mind”. We will call this candidate Donald Drumpf, over a candidate that lies about her email and endangers people’s lives. Obviously she means Hillary Clinton. I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter. This is also what I commented on her post with.

The problem with Drumpf speaking his mind, is you have no idea where he stands. Does speaking your mind matter if you don’t want socialized medicine, but your candidate does? Does speaking your mind matter if you do not want children to get infected with easily vaccinated diseases, but your candidate believes vaccines cause Autism? Does speaking your mind matter if you want lower taxes on your tax bracket, but your candidate is going to raise them?

But the real problem in Drumpf comes from the fact you don’t know where he stands on anything. He does not “speak his mind” he speaks your mind. If you are for something, he will say he is for it. But if someone else is against it, he will turn around and tell them he is against it as well.

All three things I mentioned, socialized medicine, vaccinations, and raising taxes on middle/lower class, he has said he is for and against. Not to mentioned the multitude of other issues he has said he is both for and against. And with absolutely no clarification if he means he is only for parts of an issue and against other parts. It is almost always a blanket answer, completely for and completely against.

When you say you are both for and against something, that is also lying. And when Trump gets sworn in as President, those lies will start being accountable for American lives as well.

So no, speaking your mind is not better.

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