tumblr: x2k – Week of 2/23/2013

This Week on tumblr: x2k – Week of 2/23/2013

It’s that time again. Let’s take a look at what I managed to scrounge up from the depths of tumblr: x2k!


1. Panoramic View of Mars

This is a pretty awesome, 360 degree, view of Mars taken from the Curiosity rover and a few images from other Mars rovers.


2. History’s Only Recorded Meteorite Victim

Yes, you read that correctly. National Geographic did a story on a woman from Alabama who was hit by a meteorite.


3. Man At Arms – Finn the Human’s Golden Sword

OK, if you know me, you know how much I absolutely love the show, Adventure Time. This is a YouTube episode of the show Man At Arms (from the Awe Me channel), where it makes a real life replica of Finn’s golden sword. Forged from steel, using a combination of classic and modern blacksmithing techniques. This will bring out the inner nerd in anyone!


4. International TableTop Day

Being the huge analog gamer that I am, this was a major announcement. If you follow the big names of Wil Wheaton, or Felicia Day, you probably have already seen this and had a nerdgasm. But if not, you need to check this out… NOW! Kind of a big deal.


5. Lost Continent Found

This is another one of those, “did I read that right,” stories. But, yes, you did read that right. They have found a submerged continent in the Indian Ocean that they believed was part of the same land mass at point as Madagascar (no, not the movie) and Africa (no, not the song). It’s like a prehistoric Atlantis.


That will do it for this week my pretties. Please stay tuned until next time when I have more Tumblr tasties for you.

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