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RonWhatThis week on tumblr: x2k – Week of 2/16/13

The Internet is a large and confusing place.

Don’t believe me? Just check out Ron Weasley. He knows how confusing it is.

Don’t worry. I’m here to shuffle through the madness for you and give you the best of the best.

Or at least, the best of the worst.

The worst of the best?

Anyway, I recently joined up on Tumblr. It allows for a blog-like environment to let me post much of the random web non-sense that I would like to keep in a single location, but not have to clutter my main blog here on F:x2k. If you would like to, go ahead and follow my on Tumblr at tumblr: x2k.

Otherwise, you can check back here, and I am going to try to regularly show you some of the top posts of the week.

1. PBS Idea Channel – Can you go offline? 

This is an interesting video from the PBS Idea Youtube Channel. If you have never seen their videos, you are really missing out. This particular episode is pondering the question, can we really be considered offline? Where  do the boundaries of online and offline exist now?

2. Discovery News – Google Glass and Augmented Reality

If you have been on Twitter at all, you would have seen a ton of the #ifihadglass tags floating around. It seems the official promo for Google Glass hit Youtube this week. Which is awesome, but I found this video from Discovery News detailing the possible social affects of augmented reality even more interesting.

3. First Manned Mission to Mars

Here it is folks! SpaceX has announced their intention to reach Mars by 2018. That’s right 2018! Can they do it in 5 years? However ambitious this is, the fact they are trying is amazing!

4. Orson Scott Card to Write Superman

This has cause quite an uproar due to Card’s views on homosexuality. The fact that someone with Card’s oppressive views is writing about a hero who is considered to be a champion to the oppressed gives way to quite a bit of controversy. I’ve even written my own opinion of the situation.

5. Nashville Predators vs. Detroit Red Wings – Weber Winning Shot

I am a huge Nashville Predators fan, and the overtime winning shot by Shea Weber on 2/20/2013 is just amazing.

BONUS AWESOMENESS! If you aren’t following Chris Hadfield on Google+ you are really missing out. He is an astronaut that is on the International Space Station right now. Yes, RIGHT NOW! And he loves sharing photographs from space. You can check out a couple of my favorites here, and here. Get on it and check this fellow out. Just pure, unadulterated awesomeness.

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