Link Cleanup

I decided to make a couple of changes to what is seen in the social networks links on this page.

I removed both StumbleUpon and Facebook links. Used to, I wanted to be as connected as possible to the world. Silly me, right? Turns out the world is not such a great place sometimes. I’ve decided to remove the Facebook link from the site because I have had privacy issues with Facebook in the past. You can probably still find it if you think about it hard enough. If you do, good on you, maybe you deserve it. But I want to try to keep Facebook as a personal contact deal.

I actually prefer Google+ these days, when it comes to more personal and relevant contact. Plus it allows for you to follow people, without it being as big of a deal for privacy. Really, I just use Facebook these days to argue with people. Most of my feed I get on Facebook is just a reflection of “friends” and family who need to realize they are no longer in high school. I used it to stay in contact with my gaming groups, which it is great for. But the general public has no need to follow me, following them.

Really, if you want the best updates from me, or if my interests are relevant to your interests, follow me on Twitter and Tumblr. Short and concise information on everything I enjoy, which I hope you too enjoy.

As for the reason I removed StumbleUpon… I just don’t use it anymore. Maybe I will pick it up again one day.

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