Runners, servers, and ICE. Oh my!

A few months ago Fantasy Flight Games released a living card game version of the old 90s CCG, Netrunner, now called Android: Netrunner. I have been avidly playing it ever since release.

They have made a few changes, but I think for the better. We are 3 data packs in at the moment and things just keep getting better and better.


Frankly, it is good enough I felt like I needed to dust off the old blog just to talk about it.

Now it can be difficult for me to get  things like card games and board games. Luckily my “comic guy” will most likely be able to order the data packs for me once a month. And, yes, I do have a “comic guy,” not a comic shop. This fella’ actually sells monthly comics  and a few collectibles out of his back porch in our little po’dunk town. It may sound like some weird underground nerd black market, but hardly. He does everything he can to legitimately please his customers. I’ve said for a while now, “I’ve got 99 problems, but a bad story ain’t one. If you don’t have a good comic guy, I feel sorry for you, son.”

But I digress. I’m thinking this game will be a long-standing part of my hobbies for a while to come. Along with Fantasy Flight’s other new living card game, Star Wars. That’s right, they have a Star Wars card game out too.

I’m hoping, at least, they will get me in the mood to blog again.

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