Falcon Xavier II

Falcon is the primary character that I create for most MMO and table-top RPGs I play. At least some form of Falcon. This is the original story line that I wrote for him as a Dungeons and Dragons character.

Name: Falcon Xavier II
Race: Half-elf

Falcon is a half-elf who was found at less than a year old by an elderly wizard by the name of Gregyr. At the time, Gregyr was living with a secret druid clan in the Grove of the Golden Talon, a grove that is said to exist in the talon of an ancient beast who was once a god. The beast can travel in between the planes, making it seem like the grove itself moves. While the grove may be found from any earthly forest, it can rarely be found by the same person, in the same place, twice. The grove literally has the ability to move within the shadows of nature.

Gregyr was one of the few non-clan members that knew how to always find the grove as he and the clan chief were long time friends and allies. After Gregyr was banished and hunted by his magical order, as well as a powerful theocratic organization, Gregyr sought shelter among the Clan of the Golden Talon.

The day Falcon was found on the doorstep of Gregyr’s hut, Gregyr knew who’s child it was, and why he was abandoned. Gregyr named Falcon after his closest and late friend Falos Xavier, who was known as “The Falcon” for being the quickest cleric among his church. Not from physical speed, but his speed of compassion, and for always being quick to defend the weak.

As Falcon grew, he lived with Gregyr and was taught the many ways of the druids from the teachers in the clan, including the chieftain. At the age of sixteen a group of dire wolves attacked the grove, attacking mostly the weak and young. The clan was quick to react and even kill the wolves as necessary.

During the fray a younger wolf cub caught in the battle, and scared for it’s life, was discovered by Falcon. The cub, afraid and confused, attacked Falcon, but Falcon fended away the cub suffering only a bite on his left arm. Falcon could see the fear in the small wolf and knew that he was not afflicted by the same curse the other wolves were. Somehow, Falcon could feel the wolf’s thoughts. The wolf had only followed his mother, who was now deranged and had abandoned the cub during the attack.Falcon reached out to the cub to offer peace. Feeling alone, the wolf hesitantly accepted.

After the wolf attack, the clan assessed the damage and found Falcon with the cub. Ready to kill the wolf on the spot, one of the druid hunters was stopped when Falcon jumped between him and the wolf. The hunter, thinking of the safety of the clan, pushed Falcon out of the way. Out of anger, and concern for the cub, Falcon felt something grow inside of him, something new, and powerful. At that moment Falcon himself, turned into a wolf and jumped onto the hunter, knocking him away from the cub.

Just as quickly as he had transformed, Falcon was now his normal self, but where the bite mark was, was now a strange symbol that looked almost like a tattoo or birthmark. The chieftain saw what had happened and stopped the fight. Using his connection with nature, the chieftain calmed the wolf, and demanded a council meeting immediately.

While the primary concern of the meeting was the unnatural wolf attack, the first order was to handle Falcon’s situation. After much pleading Falcon was allowed to keep the wolf as his own, but only after the elders had a chance to examine it and cure it of it’s seemingly lycanthropic (werewolf) curse. After many hours of working with the cub, they found no lycanthropic signs, and no signs of the same affliction that affected the other wolves of the attack, making Falcon’s new found shapeshifting ability even more of a riddle.

Falcon named his new friend Malos, a word that Gregyr once told him meant hope in an ancient world. Falcon then began to learn the ways of the shapeshifter from some of the clan’s elder lycanthropes. Though this was not a task taken lightly, as to even gain the shapeshiting ability in the Clan of the Golden Talon, you had to first be of proper age, and a master at many other druidic arts. Neither of which Falcon was. However, it seemed Falcon had a natural knack for many of the shapeshifting abilities, quickly surpassing many of the other shifters in certain areas even though he still had trouble controlling when he could shift.

On the day that was Falcon’s natural eighteenth birthday, many different marks similar to the one that marked his wolf bite began to appear all over his body. Gregyr knew it was now time for Falcon to fulfill his destiny. After much deliberation with the elder council, Gregyr and the chieftain explained to Falcon that they had long been sensing unbalance in the nature of many worlds, and they have been sending many specialists into these different worlds to discover the origin of these disturbances. This unbalancing began on the day of the wolf attack over two years ago.

Gregyr explained to Falcon that he thought this would be best for him to go out into the world and see what it is really like and to hone his shapeshifting ability as well as help them in their search for the source of the scourge. After a few days of preparation, Gregyr said goodbye to Falcon and the chieftain gave him a very rare druid blessing, neither telling Falcon what they knew of his fate.

Falcon set out from the grove with Malos into the world that day, two beings, abandoned by their families as only children, but found by each other.

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