Sweetpea Theme Revised

This is the same WordPress theme (Sweetpea 3.0.0) that is used on fx2k.net with revisions I have made.


Widget support has been added.
The header has been modified by changing the banner and location of blog name.
Added the calendar into the Archives page, providing easier searching as well as a uniform look if you use the calendar widget.
Reformatted the wp calender so it is much more legible and uniform with the theme.
Changed the alignment for a lot of lists and columns to be more legible and browser friendly.
Added ShareThis link to posts.

WARNING! Do not install this if you already have the original Sweetpea 3.0.0 theme. The original must be removed first. This is just an unofficial revised version of the theme, not an official update.

Another WARNING! I edited this over 4 years ago. There is no way to tell if this theme is viable with the latest version of  Wordpress. Use at your own discretion.

Download: Sweetpea Theme Revised

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