If it wasn’t for bad luck…

I’d have no luck at all.

At least that what my mom always told me.

It’s been a while since I posted, but I can not begin to explain how hectic things have been for the last couple of months. I am going to try just to recap this weekend. Maybe that will give adequate example.

This past week (actually week before I believe), I fell into another Wii-fad. My wife and I purchased EA’s Active for Wii. I’ve actually sat around and gotten over the Wii Balance Board weight limit, so I needed a workout that did not use it. It also comes with this nifty rubber band for resistance.

Anyway, the good news of the matter, I seem to be building muscle and loosing weight at an amazing pace. Five pounds in about a week, and obvious increase in endurance for my legs. Actually, I had a difference after my FIRST workout. The first exercise it gave me was squats, and it killed me to do just one. By the end of the session, it gave me squats again, and I was flying through them with ease!

Regardless, anytime I start to exercise, this seems to loosen something in my bad shoulder, and sure enough, I woke up Friday morning and my shoulder popped out of socket. The pain was actually so bad it made me sick to my stomach.

Bad luck: Oh gawd the pain!

Good luck: I’m getting pretty fit!

Well, I was expecting that, so it’s not so bad. OK, it is that bad, but I knew it was coming. What I didn’t expect, was that some dude would decide it was a good day to rear-end my wife’s car. She’s fine, but the little Saturn is officially totaled, completely broke the frame on the rear driver side.

The good news? The dude’s insurance should now give us the financial boost we needed for a new car. We’ve been looking for a while for Libbi a new car, but just enough money kept it from happening.

Bad luck: Wife got into a wreck. Come on, that always sucks when it happens to someone you love. You can’t help but worry, even about a fender bender.

Good luck: New car! Hell yeah!

I swear, listen to your mother, she is always right! If it wasn’t for bad luck, I wouldn’t have any luck at all!

Some people wouldn’t know to laugh or cry, but I can’t help but laugh. The whole situation is just so screwed up. Anyway, things will turn out OK, they always do. I’m not worried, I just had to post it because it is so ridiculous. And this is only a fraction of everything that has happened lately!

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