Was Mary a Parthenogenic Chimera?

First off, calm down, I don’t want any religious backlash just for my personal musings. I honestly do not think this is blasphemous, just a curious thought. This is nothing to take seriously, but if you were able to get me the odds of something like this happening I would love it. I realize the chances of something like this would have to be astronomical, bordering on impossible, but I would like to know if it is actually possible to happen in humans.

So while wondering curiously on that wonderfully conflicted topic of religion vs. science, biology to be specific, I came up with a theory. What if the Virgin Mary, was actually scientifically able to give birth while remaining a virgin.

Now follow me here.

In religion, one of the most intriguing beliefs is the virgin birth of Jesus. (Yes I believe it myself, no I don’t want to argue how ridiculous believing in this is, that is for another day.) I think we all know the story here, so I’m not going into to much detail here.

In biology, one of the most intriguing phenomenon is parthenogenesis. For a quick and dirty definition, this is the ability for the female of a species to be able to asexually reproduce. In mammals, however, this has only produced more females. Face it guys, women really have no reason for us any more. Actually, as far as I know, there has never been a recorded human case of parthenogenesis, however, it has not been ruled as impossible. This is the usual scientific explanation for the immaculate conception of Jesus, but he wasn’t female, so that isn’t much of an explanation.

But what if we consider the condition of chimerism. This is essentially an animal having two different sets of DNA without any adverse affects. The amazing thing about chimerism is the fact that usually, the second set of DNA directly affects the reproduction organs, giving the children of the chimera different DNA than what makes up the mother or father. This condition has been proven to happen in humans. In fact, it has gone as far as produce a child that is literally, half male, and half female. The child had a line drawn directly down the center of it’s body, visibly splitting the two genetic structures and giving it both male and female internal reproductive organs.

So (if you can’t tell what I’m getting at yet), what happens if a person is born, physically female, however genetically their internal reproductive organs were both male and female? Would this person actually be able to parthenogenically reproduce, giving birth to a male?

Just some food for thought.

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