John Makes Money!

I’m sure everyone has noticed the EXTREME surge in “How to make $12,000 in 30 days” ads all over Facebook…

Well out of curiosity, I just HAD to click on one. It happens to be (catchy? I like it!).

Apprently for just $1 each (for shipping of course), he will mail you two different guides on how to make money from Google and then the Governement…

I would just like to point out how out of touch this scam really is…

As posted on

“#1 Google How can you go wrong with a company that is publicly traded on the stock market. That fact alone made me and my wife feel at ease when I went ahead and got that program.”

REALLY?! How to you NOT notice anything going on around you with the market today?

And then the second option is to take advantage of Government grants. Like all we need right now is more people taking advantage of tax payer money…

Anyway… Turns out there is a comment section at the bottom of the site (as if it really is a blog). So I decided to try to post a little comment:

This is awesome! Is there anyway I can thank you for this? A lot of people should do this to ease their financial burden. Con artists are putting up ads like this everywhere, but this is the real deal!”

Now take the first word of each sentence and make a sentence with that… I thought it was funny, not that it will actually get posted.

If anyone really has gotten this guy’s deal, let me know, I would honestly like to know what kind of a rip off this is.

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