A conservative liberal

I am seriously getting sick and tired of this idea that my religious opinion is liberal, yet I can meet three different religious “conservatives” and they will have three different views on the same topic. On top of that, they usually belong to a denomination that is known to have changed positions on scriptures just to support the current agenda. My process of understanding things like scripture involves learning the history of the time it was originated, time it was writen and the language used during each time. This means I find out why the writing was important at the time, and the most literal or common definition of the word used.

Doesn’t this mean I restrict my interpretation down as conservatively as possible?

Apparently not.

Turns out, this is actually the liberal way to look at religious writing or scripture. Apparently to be conservative, I have to join one of thousands of denominations, preferably one that has been around for over a century and has a history of racism and sexism. Then I have to do extremely vague personal ceremonies, such as “accepting Jesus into my heart” or believing Jesus “died for my sins”.

After that, I have to start sticking my nose into other churchgoers’ business with the front that I care about them, and want to know if it can pray for them. Then sticking my nose into the business of complete strangers to try to convert them to the “right path.” Translation, force my beliefs on them.

Extracurricular activities may include, but not limited to: anti-homosexual protesting, supporting any presidential candidate that says “God bless America” regardless of platform, and promoting religion in schools (but it has to be my religion).

The only thing conservative about these conservatives is the fact they keep their view on archeology, physics, genetics and any other progressing science or social science as narrow as the eye of the needle (yes that is a biblical reference).


I know they aren’t all nosey, or pushy, or completely closed-minded, but it sure as hell seems the ones who want to tell me my beliefs are wrong (not different, but wrong) are.

I believe there is a God, however I do not have the need to understand his exsistance, or if he is omnipotent or omniscient. I believe Jesus existed, and I belive he was sent to teach us a more peaceful view of the world. One that will keep the mind, body and soul of the person, and the society, healthy. I have no need to believe he died for my sins, I only need to know he did die unjustly. I want to repent of my sins because they are my mistakes, and I want to be a better person. There is to much injustice in the world to do what is right only for personal “salvation.” I’m not saying I am a saint, or perfect, but damn it I do the best I can, and I’m tired of people telling me that is wrong just because I don’t do it for the self-rightous concern for my soul.

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