Barack to Basics

I voted for Barack Obama.

There seems to be some discussion as to why those of us who voted for him did so, however, I would like to make my stand very clear.

I am proud that I did my part in getting the first man with a close African-American ancestry elected, but I did not do it for that reason. I did not vote for him because he was the Democratic nomination. I did not vote for him because I think he will “fix” everything that Bush “broke.” In all honesty, I was planning on voting for John Edwards because of his rural development plan and how it would help my wife’s grandmother. After she passed away though, I no longer had a solid stance. I sat back and watched as the primaries finished, and then there were two.

I would like to say, I like John McCain. Had he been running eight years ago, I could see myself voting for him. He is a man that has suffered for our freedoms, and I can not express in words how thankful I am for that. However, it seemed to me that Barack Obama understood a different kind of suffering, the suffering of life.

I’m sure you are asking how can I possibly compare Obama’s suffering to McCain’s prisoner of war. Well, there is a difference.

John McCain went into service understanding what hardship he may encounter. Now he may not have expected it, but it was still a chance and he understood that. Barack Obama, however, has endured a completely different kind of suffering. He has had to endure the suffering that one does not agree to, but must accept as a part of life.

As a child Barack Obama watched his mother fight illness and insurance companies, just for the right to live without pain. After meeting his father for the first time, he had to accept it was then the last. Even on the eve of being elected to be the most powerful person in the international world, he had to accept the fact that he no longer had the comfort, or warm embrace of the woman who helped raise him. It seems like even when this man is on top, he has every right to be down, and not once does it seem like it broke his stride. Even when life tries to kick him when he is down, he stands up before the foot is even lifted. When I see the events that surround his life, I can not help but see struggles similar to my own. His personal strength is astounding to me, and when I look at him I can’t help but hope that I can be admired as having even a tenth of his resolve.

My mother always said if it wasn’t for bad luck, I would have no luck at all.

Barack Obama took his bad luck by the throat and demanded it give him what he has earned.

I did not vote for Barack Obama because of his heritage. I did not vote for him because of his party. I did not vote for him because I think he has a magic cure. I voted for him because he understands what it means to suffer, and to wade through the sorrow without letting it drag you down with it. Because he knows what it means to be down, he will create an administration that will prevent us from going out. I believe his experience with life, will (and has) helped him shape policies that political experience and bureaucracy would only be blinded to.

Many people voted for George W. Bush because they thought he was someone they could “have a drink with.” They saw a piece of themselves in him. I voted for Barack Obama for the very same, and I am proud to proclaim him as my President!

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