My Vitamin Regimen


Since it is that time where we all promise to be healthier, I thought I would just post my regular vitamin regimen in case it may help anyone.

I take a series of over the counter supplements for general health since I have so many problomatic conditions.

As usual with anything like this, it is NOT a replacment for actual medical advice. DO NOT take any of these without medical advice, especially if you have any serious conditions that may need to be considered.

Lastly, if you do take anything suggested here without actual medical consultation, and something bad happens to you and you try to blame me (legally or otherwise). I’m just going to post your complaint so the world can see that you were dumb enough to follow a personal blog for medical advice.

I am only posting this to give an idea of things that might help you. If any of this sounds good to you, discuss with your doctor before trying it for yourself.

Main Regimen

I take these everyday, regardless of everything else. Anytime I see a doctor asked what kind of supplements he/she takes, these are always on the list.

-General Once Daily Multi-Vitamin for Men’s Health
-Omega 3, 6, and 9 Supplement (Usually from Fish, Flaxseed and Borage Oil)

Specific Regimen

I take these for a specific reasons related to health conditions. DO NOT take these without medical consultation.

-CO Q-10 with L-Carnitine: For general hearth-health support.
-Glucosamine HCL: For my tendonitis and joint pains.
-L-Arginine and L-Ornithine: To help support liver function.

Currently Testing

Just as a test for weight loss, I have been taking a Chromium Picolinate supplement when I eat, no more than 1500mcg daily. I have been having a constant battle with weight and fatigue for the last few years, and it has seem to gotten worse. Doctors haven’t been able to pinpoint the exact problem so we try different possibilities. Chromium is supposed to help with insulin production and usage (though it has not been scientifically proven).

I am also considering testing with some sort of seaweed supplement such as Bladderwrack or Dulse, along with Forskolin and Ashwagandha to promote thyroid function and see if that helps my fatigue.

As I said, I am posting this just to be helpful, this should not be considered a substitute for medical advice, only a starting point for you to discuss with your doctor.

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