Hrumph Drumpf

A relative of mine posted her support for a candidate that “speaks their mind”. We will call this candidate Donald Drumpf, over a candidate that lies about her email and endangers people’s lives. Obviously she means Hillary Clinton. I thought I would share my thoughts on the matter. This is also what I commented on […]

Gaming Comparisons

I’ve been playing Wild Star for several months now. As per the usual, it has it’s fair share of people comparing it to WoW. Especially now that Warlords of Draenor is out. However, I find it particularly interesting that in-game it remains mostly that. Comparisons. It isn’t unusual for discussions of different games to turn […]

The Eldritch Unknown

Over at Dice Hate Me, they have a contest going for a game that consists of 54 cards or less. Well, to flex my design muscle, I designed and am submitting a game today for it (wish me luck). I already sent them the instructions and am sending a working playtest today. But, I wanted […]

If I build it . . .

Will you come? I’ve been hard at work for something that will finally come to fruition this weekend. I am totally excited. In case you were not aware, a friend and I have started a podcast a bit back, the nerdSAUCE Podcast. Totally check it out. We think it is awesome. But on top of […]